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The Shipyard

The place where ships are built and repaired, maintained and parked

parking area

On our shipyard we can move vessels up to 18 meters in length.

Leave your boat with us – for inexpensive winter-parking!

Your boat is both professionally supervised and guarded around the clock. Our parking facilities are equipped with Water and electricity, and it is straight at the sea! Ashore your vessel saves you money and makes the polyester optimally dry out – an excellent protection against osmosis.

launching and retrieving

With our new, modern hydraulic trailer system, we bring your boat quickly, safely, and gently in and out of the sea. We can take out Vessels with 18meters in length and/or 27 tons of weight.


Taking care of your boat – important for value retention and safety at sea. Pull the boat ashore, simply leave there to stand for months or years and then reinsert it and drive off? If a safety and value retention are important to you… With us, you have three options: Either you maintain your ship yourself in our facilities, or we will maintain it cost-effective for you as professionals, or we do it together.

Please, maintain your ship always carefully and completely. 

conversions and extensions

You want to build a new bathing platform? Would you like to extend your ship? Change the layout of the cabins? Or have other ideas?

Then you have found the right place with us. We are happy to support you in the implementation of your creative ideas with our experience in craftsmanship.


osmosis treatment

Wood rots – steel rusts – GFK gets osmosis. Whereas in wood and steel it usually takes some time. Osmosis can occur on fiberglass hulls at any time. As a rule, risk factor is: the warmer the ambient fluid, the lower the density, the greater the risk of osmosis. This explains why the risk of osmosis in the Mediterranean is about twice as large as in Baltic and North Sea and in the Caribbean twice as large as in the Mediterranean.

The manufacturing process decides whether a fiberglass boat gets osmosis or not. The reason are small bubbles between laminate and gelcoat that may arise during production. These bubbles fill with time with water molecules, the bubble grows, and the gelcoat stands out from the laminate. If the process is not stopped in time, the entire laminate can be affected and may become unstable in the extreme. Identified early, osmosis can, however, be stopped with modern techniques and materials. For this purpose, the affected gelcoat is removed and rebuilt with a substitute. This requires several operations. We have the expertise, and many years of experience in evaluating potential osmosis problems, and where necessary providing the solution of pre-osmosis treatment or osmosis repair solutions to maximize the life of your Sailboat or Motorboat. An osmosis check therefore is part of our standard program. Don’t believe self-proclaimed hobby specialists scaring you with rumors that osmosis is the death of your yacht. It is only important that the first signs of osmosis to be detected in time, before major damage occurs – and that it is treated consistently and professionally.

new boat project

Bring us your own plans – we build new boats according to your ideas! Whether wood or fiberglass. Our excellent network of specialists of the various technical trades helps us do it for you.

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